Flow Meters & Switches

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Flow meters and flow switches are used to monitor the velocity or volume of liquids or gases in pipelines. A flow meter will give a measurement to the operator either by a local display or to a remote station such as a panel meter or computer.

A flow switch will provide a logic (normally open / normally closed) signal back to control or monitoring instrumentation at a given flow rate.

We have a variety of flow meters for many applications, from simple variable area flowmeters (rotameters) to water meters and electronic batching meters.

GNW also provide Flow Meter calibration services.


Batching Meters

Batching flow meters offer a low cost solution for accurately controlling batched quantities of liquids.

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Magnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic flow sensors, are an excellent choice for measuring fluids that change temperature, density, viscosity, concentration or electrical conductivity.

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Oval Gear Flow Meters

Oval gear meters are displacement-type volume meters that transport defined incremental volumes in individual measuring chambers.

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Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Gearwheel type flow sensors from GNW record volume flows of liquids with both high and changing viscosities.

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Ultrasonic Flow Meters

GNW offer a range of unique, totally non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters are suitable for use on clean and dirty liquids with varying pipe sizes.

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Variable Area Flow Meters

Variable area flow meters are used in pipelines to determine the flow of liquids or gases within. The flow meter consists of a conical measuring tube with a float inside it.

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Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex flow meters are an ideal solution where it is desirable to keep the pipeline free of moving parts.

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Water Meters

GNW can supply a wide range of water meters. Suitable for both hot and cold water.

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