If you find your calibration cheaper elsewhere, please contact us – and we will beat the price! If you’re sending more than 10 items to us, we will collect and deliver it back to you for FREE.

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Do I Need Calibration?

Calibration is an essential part of any business where quality and accuracy are of the greatest
importance. Your instrumentation must perform consistently throughout its working life, so it must
be regularly serviced and inspected to ensure it is working within the correct tolerances. Learn more about what is calibration.

GNW are certificated to ISO 9001 and we provide full calibration services in accordance with these
standards. Specific UKAS accreditation is available on request.

In House Calibration

Operating from our premises in the North West, our experienced team of specialists can carry out a thorough service and calibration of your equipment – quickly, efficiently and precisely. We know that the equipment you have is the equipment you need, so we don’t hang about when it comes to getting it back to you. A lot of the equipment we calibrate can be turned around in just a few days. If you find your calibration cheaper elsewhere, please contact us – and we will beat the price!

On Site Calibration 

We don’t just service in house! If for any reason you can’t send your item to us, we can arrange for our qualified uniformed engineers to come to you instead, anywhere in the UK. Give us a ring to chat about our availability and pricing. 

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Pressure Gauge Calibration

Regular pressure and vacuum gauge calibration give you absolute confidence that your instruments are reading correctly. This enables you to avoid any costly production mistakes and delays, whilst ensuring the safety of your site. At GNW, we have more than 40 years of experience in pressure and vacuum gauge calibration. Our technical team is able to calibrate and certify any vacuum and pressure gauge using our accurate, traceable test equipment.

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Scale & Balance Calibration

Our skilled technicians are able to calibrate and certify scales from any manufacturer. We are able to do this on our premises or alternatively our engineers are able to visit your site. We use either M1 or F1 calibration weights to ensure your scales are performing correctly.

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Medical Equipment Calibration

GNW technicians are capable of calibrating many different types of medical and biomedical test equipment.

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Pressure Calibration

We have over 40 years’ experience in calibrating pressure and vacuum gauges. Our technical team is able to calibrate and certify gauges from any manufacturer using our accurate, traceable test equipment.

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Dimension Measuring & Tool Room

Our technicians are able to calibrate all types of tool room and dimensional measuring equipment. Our capabilities include everything from small hand tools such as verniers, digital calipers and micrometers, to precision tooling such as threaded plug and ring gauges.

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Electrical Test Equipment

Electrical test equipment not only forms an important part of ensuring product quality, but it is often used for critical safety tests of installations and equipment. Making sure that your equipment is performing correctly should be a top priority.

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The expert team in our calibration house can carry out procedures on a vast array of temperature equipment.  

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Flue Gas Anaylser Calibration

No matter how much you use your device, it’s recommended flue gas analysers should be calibrated annually as a minimum. Our team of experts can carry out your procedure. 

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GNW can calibrate torque instruments from all manufacturers so we can ensure your equipment’s accuracy is maintained.

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Digital Torque Wrench

Choose GNW for unparalleled expertise and reliability in digital torque wrench calibration. We are committed to maintaining the peak performance of your tools.

Digital Torque Wrench Calibration

Crimping Tools

Crimping tools calibration ensures that your tools are performing as designed. Electrical connectors are often safety critical areas that need tight QA control. We can calibrate and certify crimp tools from all manufacturers.

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Flow Meters

GNW technicians can calibrate all types of flow meters and rotameters (variable area flow meters). We are able to calibrate air, water and other media flow meters at our premises.

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Gas Detectors & Monitors

GNW is able to calibrate all types of single and multi-gas detectors and monitors. Regular calibration and servicing of these meters is an important task that should not be overlooked.

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Light Meters

Light meters are used in many production and occupational safety processes, therefore it is important that they are regularly calibrated to make sure they are performing to the manufacturers specification.

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Moisture & Humidity Meters (Hygrometers)

GNW can calibrate hygrometers from all manufacturers. Moisture levels in the atmosphere or in products can affect decisions in production and storage.

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Ph & Conductivity Meters

pH meters and conductivity meters can be calibrated at our premises or at your site. Regular calibration makes sure that your instrumentation is performing as expected and to within the manufacturers specification.

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Force Gauges

Our technical team is able to calibrate digital and mechanical force gauges.

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Test Weights

Test weights are used to check the accuracy of your own weighing equipment such as scales and balances. If you are performing your own calibration checks then it is vitally important that your own calibration weights are within the OIML tolerances.

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Pneumo Gauge Calibration

Pneumo gauges are precision pressure gauges that are specifically designed for measuring depth below a reference surface.

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Load Cell Calibration

Load cells form critical links in many weighing and force applications. Checking the calibration of your load cells is an important part of managing an effective quality assurance system. Our technicians are able to calibrate load cells from any manufacturer in both tension and compression

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GNW caters to a diverse array of sectors, ensuring precision and reliability in their measurements and instrumentation. View the list of sectors we have expertise in.

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GNW are certified in accordance to BS ISO 9001:2015. UKAS certification is also available. 

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We Don't Just Calibrate!

GNW also repairmanufacture and design instrumentation across a diverse variety of industries, so if we discover that your item isn’t performing as it should, we can fix it for you. We would inform you of any issues along with a quotation and wouldn’t proceed unless you told us it was ok to do so. 

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