Ultrasonic Flow Meters

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GNW offer a range of unique, totally non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters are suitable for use on clean and dirty liquids with varying pipe sizes. Enabling contamination free measurement of liquids and gas flow.

Ideal for hygienic applications they do not present any potential bug traps and equally suitable for hazardous chemicals as there are no potential leak paths, as they are mounted completely external to the pipe wall.

Ultrasonic meters can be permanently mounted or we can supply a large range of portable meters.  These allow for quick and easy spot checking of flow through a plant without having to break into any pipelines or any disruption to processes.

There are two main types of ultrasonic flow meters; doppler, and time transit ultrasonic flow meters.

A time transit ultrasonic flow meter requires a clean liquid without particulates or bubbles and can be used for both liquid and gas applications. It has better accuracy than that of a doppler flow meter and will typically offer accuracies of ±2% full scale.  A doppler flow meter requires particulates or bubbles in the media. The minimum diameter size of the particulate is typically 30 microns and requires a minimum concentration levels of 25 ppm.

Typical Application for ultrasonic flow meters:

  • Influent and effluent water flow (doppler flow meters only)
  • Clarifier monitoring
  • Digester feed control (doppler flow meters only)
  • Waste water (doppler flow meters only)
  • Cooling water
  • Makeup water
  • Pure and ultra-pure fluids in semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and the food & beverage industries (time transit ultrasonic flow meters only)
  • Acids and liquefied gases in the chemical industry
  • Light to medium crude oils in the petroleum refining industry (time transit meters only)
  • Water distribution systems used in agriculture and irrigation
  • Cryogenic liquids (time transit ultrasonic flow meters