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GNW supply all models and aspects of precision measuring equipment in a wide range of sizes and configurations for undertaking a variety of different tasks with ease, either in the workshop inspection room or laboratory. We are able to offer our units at a substantially lower cost than other suppliers. Low cost doesn’t mean low quality!  Our aim is to provide accurate and durable equipment.

Digital Calipers

Digital calipers and vernier calipers are simple and easy to use hand tools for measuring lengths and diameters quickly and accurately. Most digital calipers will read in increments of 0.01 mm and have both internal and external jaws to facilitate measurement. Digital displays make new calipers very easy to read and will switch between millimeters and inches at the push of a button.


A micrometer is a hand held measuring instrument, used for precise measurement of components. Micrometers are available in many different styles such as internal, external bore and pipe. Each uses the same principle of measurement but are designed slightly differently to suit their individual tasks.

Dial Indicators

Dial indicators precision measuring instruments, often used in machining and QA settings. They can be used for many tasks such as measuring clearances and variation in tolerance of machined parts. Dial indicators are available in both analogue and digital styles and in many ranges from as little as 1 mm to 100 mm travel.

Plug & Ring Gauges

Plug gauges & ring gauges are precision manufactured tooling for checking the integrity of internal and external threads and bores to ensure they meet the exact standard and tolerances required of the machined part. Plug and ring gauges are mostly used as inspection tools bit can also be used during manufacturing.

Our range includes metric and imperial threaded and plain plug gauges, thread and plain ring gauges and pin gauges. Plug gauges can be supplied as a single ended gauge or as a double ended go / no go type. Our ring gauges can be supplied singularly or as part as a go / no go set.

We are able to manufacture custom sized plug and ring gauges to your exact specification.


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