Positive Displacement Flow Sensors

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Gearwheel type flow sensors from GNW record volume flows of liquids with both high and changing viscosities. The high-precision sensors work according to the displacement principle. The high resolution combined with reliable measurement accuracy make the sensors especially useful for applications involving the measurement of small and very small volumes.

In principle, the measurement accuracy is increased for high viscosities. Conversely, the measurement accuracy is lower with a viscosity of less than 10 mm²/s. Due to their construction, gearwheel type flow sensors require a certain lubricity of the fluid being measured. Operation with non-lubricating media, e.g. water, is not possible.

Our meters can measure as low as 0.008 up to 250 l/minute. They are available with various different seal and temperature options. We can also fit our meters with a local or remote display if required.


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