Pneumo Calibration

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Pneumo Gauge Calibration

What is Pneumo Gauge Calibration?

Pneumo gauges are precision pressure gauges that are specifically designed for measuring depth below a reference surface. These specialised depth gauges are used extensively in onshore and offshore commercial diving operations, as well as in submarines and other submersibles, to monitor diver depth. Pneumo gauges are also used to measure the pressure within hyperbaric chambers, which are typically used to treat decompression sickness.

When working in underwater and subsea environments, every last detail needs to be planned, monitored and logged. The lives and livelihoods of divers and dive teams depend on the accuracy of their equipment. This is why regular pneumo gauge calibrations are essential. A professional depth gauge calibration can ensure that your depth gauges continue to perform with their specifications, maintaining the safety of all your dive personnel.

ISO 9001-2015 accredited

ISO 9001-2015 accredited

Audited annually by European Certification Group

Audited annually by European Certification Group





How to calibrate a Pneumo Gauge

A pneumo gauge calibration involves taking readings from a depth gauge and comparing those with known specifications. If the readings deviate from those specifications, then the depth gauge requires adjustment. Our GNW technicians can carry out a fully traceable pneumo gauge calibration either off-site at our specialised facilities in Southport, Merseyside or on-site at your premises on a scheduled date, depending on your specific needs.

If time is of the essence, and you would like to maintain full visibility of your instrumentation, GNW can undertake an on-site pneumo gauge calibration of your depth gauges. An on-site depth gauge calibration delivers same-day results and eliminates any interruptions to your operations. Otherwise, we can perform certified off-site pneumo gauge calibrations to within an accuracy of ±0.25% with an average turnaround of just a few days.


Types of Pneumo Gauges

A wide range of pneumo gauges can benefit from a depth gauge calibration, including:

+ Standard Pneumo Gauges

+ Standard Caisson Gauges

+ 150mm Pneumo Gauges

+ Premium Pneumo Gauges

+Premium Caisson Gauges

+200mm Pneumo Gauges

+Pneumo Gauge Panels

+Digital Depth Gauges

+250mm Pneumo Gauges

+Bottom Entry Pneumo Gauges

+Freshwater Pneumo Gauges

+300mm Pneumo Gauges

+Miniature Pneumo Gauges

+100mm Pneumo Gauges

+Diving Panel Gauges

Pneumo Gauge Calibration Services

At GNW, we have more than 40 years of experience in pressure gauge calibration. Our technical team is able to calibrate and certify all types of pressure gauges, including most depth gauges, using precise, traceable and state-of-the-art test methods. We combine the most cutting edge pressure gauge calibration equipment with some the industry’s most talented and experienced technicians to deliver reliable calibrations and priceless peace of mind.

From standard pneumo gauges to complex diving panels, GNW has the expertise and pedigree to deliver a fail-safe pneumo gauge calibration that ensures the safety of your dive personnel, first and foremost, as well as the unhindered productivity and efficiency of your dive operations as a whole. As a family-run, ISO 9001 accredited company, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of service with every depth gauge calibration.

We will provide a quote based on your requirements to ensure you receive the best possible deal. Having spoken to our experts and received your free, no-obligation quote, if you find your depth gauge calibration cheaper elsewhere we will beat the price! For 10 or more items, we will collect and return your instruments for FREE.

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