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Calibration is the process of ensuring equipment is functioning accurately and within specific parameters. In the case of heating and ventilation, this means making sure ventilator systems are able to hit desired temperatures and maintain them consistently. Not only does calibrating ventilators lead to improved comfort levels, but it can also result in energy savings as well. 

That’s where GNW comes in – we supply a range of ventilator calibration equipment to help keep your systems operating at peak efficiency. So don’t sweat it – let GNW handle all your calibration needs.

With 50 years of experience in calibration services, our expertise stretches to all corners of the globe, working with world-renowned companies. For heating & ventilation calibration, our clients include BSS, Wolsley, & Brammer.

Calibration Services We Provide

Ventilators are crucial for keeping the air fresh and clean in places like hospitals, factories, and offices. But how do you make sure your ventilators are working properly? That’s where GNW comes in. We supply ventilator calibration equipment to ensure your ventilators are functioning correctly. Whether its equipment for pressure instrumentation, electrical test equipment, control panes, and even scales and balances. Basically, if it needs calibrating in the heating and ventilation field, we have the equipment you need.

Benefits of Calibration In Heating & Ventilation

Calibrating your ventilators and heating equipment may seem like a tedious task, but it can actually save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Using ventilator calibration equipment, you can ensure that all of your ventilators are running at the optimal level and using the appropriate amount of energy. This not only helps to conserve resources, but it can also reduce the likelihood of malfunctions or breakdowns that could cost you time and money to repair. Calibrating your ventilators on a regular basis can also improve air flow and overall indoor air quality, creating a more comfortable environment for building occupants.

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Have you ever noticed that your thermostat seems a bit off, always leaving the room either too hot or too cold? This could be due to a need for calibration. In heating and ventilation, calibration means making sure that ventilator equipment is accurately displaying temperatures and regulating them properly. 

This process involves checking and adjusting the equipment using specialised ventilator calibration equipment. It’s important to calibrate regularly, as it ensures optimal comfort levels and can also save energy in the long run. So next time your room feels a bit off, consider scheduling a calibration check for your HVAC system. It might just be the solution to your temperature woes.