Batching Meters

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Batching flow meters offer a low cost solution for accurately controlling batched quantities of oils, fuels, solvents and high and varying viscosity liquids. They also provide the close control needed to maintain precise dosing for hot & cold water systems. When supplied with pulsed outputs the meter can activate the opening and closing of valves.  Both digital and analogue version are available.

A preset adjuster allows you to visually set the batch quantity cleared. The flow of water can then be controlled by the operator until the batch is successfully completed.

Batch Control Meters are capable of delivering large volumes quickly and accurately. Suitable for installation in vertical, horizontal or inclined pipework.

  • Advantages:
    Highly accurate measurement of flow
    Low pressure drop
    Keeps pumping costs down
    Easy to install
    No power supply needed (analogue versions)
  • Suitable for:
    Batching and monitoring

Can be used to meter oils, petrol, water, diesel and chemicals.


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