Digital Torque Wrench Calibration

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Welcome to our digital torque wrench calibration service page. As a trusted calibration services company, we understand the importance of accurate torque measurements in various industries. Whether you’re a mechanical technician, an automobile technician, an industrial maintenance technician, a construction worker or a heavy equipment operator, you know how critical it is to have reliable torque readings.

Do digital torque wrenches need to be calibrated? Digital torque wrenches can lose accuracy due to wear and tear, environmental factors or mishandling. Regular calibration ensures your digital torque wrench provides accurate and consistent results, prevents costly errors and complies with industry standards.

We specialise in calibrating various digital torque wrench models, including snap-on digital torque wrenches. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art calibration equipment to provide accurate and reliable calibration services, ensuring your digital torque wrench performs at its best.

Trust us to keep your equipment in optimal condition, and you can focus on what you do best – providing quality work to your customers. Contact us today to schedule your digital torque wrench calibration service.

Why Calibrate a Digital Torque Wrench? The Benefits Explained

As a critical tool in various industries, a digital torque wrench must provide accurate and reliable readings to ensure the work’s quality and safety. However, a digital torque wrench can lose accuracy over time due to wear and tear, environmental factors or mishandling. This is why calibrating a digital torque wrench is essential to maintain accuracy and performance.

Benefits Of Digital Torque Wrench Calibration:

Accurate and consistent readings: Regular calibration ensures that your digital torque wrench provides precise and consistent readings, prevents costly errors and ensures compliance with industry standards.

Improved productivity and efficiency: Accurate torque readings reduce the risk of rework, errors, and delays, leading to increased productivity and efficiency in your work.

Enhanced Safety: Accurate torque measurements are critical in ensuring the safety of workers, equipment, and products. Calibration helps prevent accidents and reduces liability risks.

Increased Lifespan of Equipment: Calibration helps identify potential issues with your digital torque wrench before they become major problems, leading to increased equipment lifespan and reduced maintenance costs.

How can GNW help with digital torque wrench calibration?

At GNW, we take pride in being your trusted specialists in digital torque wrench calibration. Our commitment to precision and accuracy sets us apart in the industry. You can contact us today to know more or enquire about our services.


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ISO 9001-2015 accredited

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Digital torque wrench calibration costs depend on several factors, such as the model, brand, and equipment condition. However, calibration is a worthwhile investment that ensures the accuracy and reliability of your digital torque wrench.