Veterinary Scale Calibration

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GNW ensures that your scales are calibrated and performing correctly. The importance of veterinary scale calibration should not be overlooked. Animal weight is often used to help diagnose conditions and also to ensure the correct dosage of medication is prescribed. If scales are not performing within their correct specification, then it could be putting animals’ lives at risk. 

Our friendly team is able to calibrate your animal scales at our works, or we can visit your premises and calibrate your scales on site. We use either M1 or F1 calibration weights to ensure your scales are performing correctly.

If our technical team comes across a problem during calibration, we are able to provide repair services for scales and balances from all manufacturers. We do not charge any inspection fees and all work is quoted to you beforehand.

What is the importance of Veterinary Scale Calibration?

Veterinary scale calibration holds immense importance in ensuring accurate and reliable weight measurements for animals in diverse healthcare settings. Whether in a veterinary clinic, research facility, or animal care institution, precise weight readings are crucial for proper diagnosis, medication dosage, and overall health management of animals. Here are key reasons highlighting the significance of veterinary scale calibration:

Accurate Medication Dosage: Precise weight measurements are essential for determining the correct dosage of medications for animals. Veterinary scale calibration ensures that medication administration is tailored to the specific weight of the animal, preventing under or overdosing, and promoting effective treatment.

Diagnostic Precision: In veterinary diagnostics, weight measurements are often used as a baseline for assessing an animal’s health. Calibration ensures that the scales provide accurate readings, aiding veterinarians in identifying weight fluctuations that may indicate underlying health issues.

Monitoring Growth and Nutrition: Regular veterinary scale calibration is vital for monitoring the growth and nutritional status of animals, especially in breeding programs or facilities caring for young animals. Accurate weight data is crucial for making informed decisions about feeding regimens and overall healthcare.

Compliance with Regulations: Veterinary practices are subject to regulations and standards, and accurate weight measurements are often a key component. Calibration ensures compliance with these regulations, safeguarding the integrity of veterinary operations and maintaining the well-being of the animals under care.

On-site veterinary scale calibration

GNW Calibration Services goes the extra mile to accommodate the unique needs of veterinary practices by offering convenient onsite calibration services. Recognising the challenges and specific requirements of veterinary environments, our team of skilled technicians brings the calibration process directly to your facility. This eliminates the need for transporting sensitive veterinary scales, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your daily operations.

Please visit our on-site calibration page to learn more about this industry-leading service as well as our accreditations and credentials.

How often should you carry out veterinary scale calibration?

The frequency of veterinary scale calibration depends on various factors, including the scale’s usage, environmental conditions, and regulatory requirements. As a general guideline, it is recommended to calibrate veterinary scales at least annually. However, more frequent calibration may be necessary in certain situations, such as heavy usage or if the scales are exposed to harsh conditions.

How can GNW help with veterinary scale calibration?

In choosing GNW Calibration Services for veterinary scale calibration, you are investing in the health and well-being of the animals under your care. Contact us today to schedule your veterinary scale calibration and experience the precision and reliability that GNW brings to your veterinary operations.

Trust GNW to be your partner in ensuring accurate and consistent weight measurements for the benefit of both practitioners and the animals they serve. We also offer a wide range of expert calibration services.

ISO 9001-2015 accredited

ISO 9001-2015 accredited

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Audited annually by European Certification Group





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