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What Qualifications and Accreditations Should I Look For When Booking On-Site Calibration?

On-site calibration is essential for ensuring all your critical equipment is accurately calibrated with the least amount of downtime. This should be done at regular intervals to maintain proper functioning, meet regulatory requirements, and guarantee quality control.

When enlisting the services of an on-site calibration service provider, it is vital to check they have the right calibration qualifications and accreditations from recognised organisations.

Why Qualifications and Accreditations Matter

If you are looking for a reliable calibration service it pays to source a provider with the right qualifications and accreditations. Calibration qualifications are required in some industries, so it is important to check that potential providers have the necessary calibration qualifications and validations.

These show that the calibration service provider meets certain standards for quality assurance and ensures your instruments are accurately calibrated.

Accreditation Bodies and Certifying Organisations

Accreditation bodies and certifying organisations play an important role in assessing the competence, professionalism, and adherence to best practices of calibration service providers. They compare a provider’s capabilities against predefined standards to ensure they are providing reliable and accurate calibrations.

For instance, UKAS is the National Accreditation Body for the United Kingdom that assesses calibration services nationwide. UKAS is recognised by the Government to assess organisations that provide calibrations against nationally and internationally agreed standards. Specific UKAS accreditation is available on request.

Quality Management Systems

Quality management systems, such as ISO 9001, are essential for ensuring consistent quality in calibration services. This system helps to ensure that calibrations are carried out in accordance with predefined standards and processes.

It also ensures that the provider has established procedures and policies related to calibration that guarantee accurate results at all times.

At GNW Instrumentation, we have been awarded the ISO 9001 certification, which is an assurance of our commitment to providing quality calibration services.

GNW’s Qualifications and Accreditations

At GNW Instrumentation, our on-site calibration services are carried out by experienced and knowledgeable technicians who hold relevant qualifications and accreditations.

Our calibration qualifications include ISO 9001 certification, SafeContractor accreditation and Avetta supply chain accreditation.

Contact us today on +44 (01704) 536 010 or email info@gnw.co.uk to book your on-site calibration.

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