Medical Equipment Calibration

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GNW technicians are capable of calibrating many different types of medical and biomedical test equipment. We provide on and off-site calibration of blood pressure monitors (sphygmomanometers), patient weighing scales, baby scales, chair scales, vaccine fridges and storage refrigerators.

Our onsite sphyg calibration service allows you to subcontract an often time-consuming task to us.

All our engineers hold valid MIA cards and have undertaken the mandatory training to carry out their duties in an acute care setting.

Blood Pressure Monitors

Our technicians can calibrate mechanical aneroid blood pressure monitors, often known as sphygs, from all manufacturers.

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Calibration Syringes

Calibration syringes are used to check the performance of spirometers.

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Medical Scales

Our technicians are able to calibrate all types of medical scales, such as patient, baby, bariatric, chair and lab scales.

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