Level Sensors & Switches

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GNW have a comprehensive range of level sensors and switches to suit every application. We can supply a display device ready configured with your level sensor if you require. Our engineers are available to fit, commission and calibrate new or existing level instrumentation at your site.

Level Sensors

Our sensors are used for continuous measurement of liquids, mush and bulk-solid materials in tanks, vessels and other storage areas. They are available with a variety of analogue or HART outputs for connection to control and display instrumentation.

Guided Wave Radar

Suitable for continuous level measurement of various liquid, mush and bulk-solid materials. A particularly good sensor for viscous and emulsifying products such as Bitumen.


For continuous non-contact level measurement of liquids and bulk-solid materials. Good for tanks and vessels with stirrers and agitators.


For continuous level measurement of liquid and bulk-solid materials. Probe is in contact with material so is most suited to non-agitated tanks. We are able to supply heavy duty versions suitable for automotive and locomotive use.


Submersible level sensors suitable for viscous products held at a stable temperature and specific gravity. WRAS versions are available for use in potable / drinking water. Long cable lengths make this sensor suitable for wells, sink holes and sumps.

Level Switches

Our level switches are used to trigger an event when the product reaches a preset level within your storage vessel. They are useful for high and low limit switching within tanks and silos.


For non-contact limit sensing and switching of various liquid and bulk-solid materials in closed or open tank, vessels, sumps and reservoirs.


For limit level sensing of liquid and bulk-solid materials. The probe will contact the material but we can supply probes of almost any length suitable for high and low level limit switching.


Submersible level switches with simple normally open / normally closed relay output. Quick and easily linked to control equipment.

Through Wall

For use on liquids in non-conductive (glass or plastic) pipes, sight glasses, tubes and vessels. Simply attached to the outside of the vessel and give a switched relay output ready for connection to control instrumentation. Flexible version available for use on rounded or shaped containers such as lab beakers and drums.


Simply senses the proximity of an object when nearing the sensing face. Can be adjusted to switch at your desired level. This sensor is particularly suitable for high level switching in storage vessels. NPN, PNP or NAMUR outputs available along with ATEX versions.


Simple float switches activated when the fluid reaches the sensor level. Various materials suitable for use in most products. Supplied with normally open or normally closed contacts. ATEX versions are also available.


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