Level Alarms

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GNW’s easy to install alarms are robust and economical and will prevent you from adding to an ever expanding problem of pollution from fuel and chemical spillage.

These units provide warning of tank overfill, low level or breach in the bund layer of a tank, giving time for action to avoid potential pollution or problems with pumps running dry. Manufactured for either battery or 240 VAC supply.

Bund Alarms
Should an amount of fluid get between the tank and the bund then this unit will emit a 90dB warning alarm. Our alarms also activate a flashing, high intensity beacon – ideal for noisy areas.

Overfill or High Level Alarms
A 90dB alarm and flashing high beacon provides warning of possible overflow when the level rises to a preset danger point – usually when the fluid level reaches approximately 12 inches from the top of the tank. Our level probes are designed to be adjustable when installed, so if you find out that the over fill alarm is activating too early, it is a very simple task to change the activation level.

Multi Level Alarms & Indicators
This unit gives a constant indication of the fluid level in the tank. LED’s indicate fluid levels at 10, 25, 50, 75 & 90% capacity. An LED flashes when the fluid is down to approximately 10% of the tanks capacity. We can also incorporate an audible alarm into our multi level indicators.

Our level probes can be supplied to fit into most tank openings. Using stainless steel components, our level probes are suitable in most liquids. All probes are supplied with a sealing fitting to prevent rain water contamination into your stored product.


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