General Purpose Pressure Gauges

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GNW’s range of dry, general purpose gauges are stocked for use across all industry sectors. Their low cost yet durable design make them suitable for use on pneumatic and clean hydraulic lines. They are particularly suited for use in HVAC applications.

General purpose gauges are designed for measurement of liquids or gases that are not highly viscous, high temperature, likely to solidify or crystallise or corrosive to copper or tin alloys.

If you are unsure of the resistance of the construction of these gauges to your process media please contact us as we can offer gauges manufactured in other materials or we can supply chemical or hygienic seals for particularly aggressive media or for processes that require full sanitary fittings, although we would not recommend a general purpose gauge to be used in a particularly demanding environment.

Our range of general purpose gauges are manufactured with a black enamelled case (expect 80mm diameter gauges – this case is black ABS plastic), and a clear acrylic snap in window.

We can supply our general purpose gauges in 40, 50, 63, 80, 100 & 150 mm diameters.

All gauges are available with both bottom or back connection. Direct mounting, surface mounting and panel mounting (clamp or front flange) options are available in all sizes.

Ranges from -1 bar to 70 bar available as standard.

Connection sizes from 1/8″ BSP up to 1/2″ BSP are available as standard. Other connections sizes or types – such as NPT are available on request.

These gauges are designed for applications and use according to European Standard EN837-1.