Electrical Installation Testers

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This high-quality device combines advanced features and cutting-edge technology to deliver accurate and reliable measurements, making it ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Measure the integrity of grounding systems with ease using the Earth measurement function. This feature detects potential faults and ensures optimal protection against electrical hazards, providing essential information for the safety of your installations.

Verify electrical connections and circuit paths effortlessly with the Continuity measurement capability. Identify breaks or loose connections quickly to ensure smooth and efficient electrical performance.

Assess insulation resistance with Insulation testing, identifying weaknesses or faults in insulation to prevent potential hazards and extend the lifespan of your electrical systems.

Accurately measure the current and trip time of Residual Current Devices (RCDs) with RCD testing. Ensure proper functioning for enhanced protection against electric shocks.

Determine the correct phase sequence in three-phase electrical systems using the Phase rotation feature. Simplify equipment installation and maintenance while avoiding potentially dangerous errors.

Streamline your testing process with Automatic test sequences. Perform a series of tests with a single push of a button, saving time and ensuring consistent measurements.

Test the electrical safety of your installations to the required standard for BS 7671.

  • Earth measurement
  • Continuity measurement
  • Insulation testing
  • RCD testing: current and trip time
  • Phase rotation
  • Automatic test sequences