Dry Temperature Calibrators

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Temperature sensors such as thermocouples and RTDs are subject to mechanical, thermal and chemical stress. This results in a calibration drift the longer the sensors are in use. Only the regular calibration of the sensors provides information on the difference between the actual temperature and the measured temperature and makes the specific drift visible.

Dry block temperature calibrators are used to check and calibrate a wide range of temperature measuring instruments and temperature sensors. Mechanical, electro-mechanical or electronic measurement equipment can be checked with ease. Our instruments are easy to transport, simple to use and offer all the features required for the specific test.

A temperature calibrator needs to meet a wide range of requirements: as a portable device, it has to cope with frequently changing operation locations in the test bay or in production, while being equally suitable for stationary use in the measuring workshop and testing and inspection laboratory. For this reason, the instruments must be lightweight and handy for quick and easy use on site. GNW offers several temperature calibrators to cover the range from -55 °C to 1300 °C.

The following can be tested directly:

  • Contact-based immersion or surface temperature sensors
  • Sensors with special shapes and sizes
  • Non-contact infrared instruments and thermal imaging cameras