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GNW manufacture a wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic comparators and pressure sources to suit all applications. Our range of portable comparators offer a convenient and practical solution to field or bench calibration of pressure instruments.

For example our 700 Micro comparator, which has an adjustment resolution of just 0.01 mbar, is ideal for the calibration of low pressure clean room equipment such as Magnehelic gauges and pressure switches. All the way up to our 706 Comparator with a hydraulic range of 1600 Bar which is suitable for calibration of high pressure transmitters and gauges.

Our comparators are manufactured with a self contained, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure source to allow use in isolated areas where and airline or power source may not be available.  When used with an analogue test gauge, comparators are suitable for use in ATEX safe areas

Our range also includes electro-pneumatic and electro-hydraulic pressure sources, ideal for when you have a large number of instruments to calibrate – saving both time and effort over traditional hand-pumped or hand-cranked comparators.  Our electrical comparators are also available in multi-output configurations, meaning you are able to calibrate 5 instruments at the same time from a single pressure source.  Ranges from vacuum up to 600 Bar are available.