What Weighing Scales Are Required To Sell Food?

What Weighing Scales Are Required To Sell Food?

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Joe Curran

Published on 13 February 2021

When choosing a balance or scales for food to sell, or sell anything by weight from, the most important factor to consider is if the scales are approved and verified for trade. This is marked by a green ‘M’ sticker. It is a legal requirement that when selling products by weight, the scales used to weigh the product must be verified legal for trade. Your local trading standards do enforce this law as it protects customers from being overcharged for underweight products.

The next thing to consider is the environment the scales are going to be used in. If the environment is wet or is washed down, then it would be advised to consider a stainless steel or IP rated balance to protect your investment from water damage. Other fine food products such as flour can also effect the operation of scales, so an IP rated balance may be worth considering in these circumstances also.

Do you require prices to be computed? If so, then GNW can supply a range of balances that are legal for trade that include a price per kilogram, pound, oz etc calculation function. These scales are also able to be linked to printers or other POS systems to allow for quick and easy receipt printing and stock control functions. 

There are many variables when choosing scales for food products, and sometimes this can be confusing. If you would like help selecting the best scale for your application, then please contact us at GNW and we can offer free advise and a no-obligation quotation. Alternatively CLICK HERE to view our range of food scales available to buy now.