How On-Site Calibration Enhance Precision and Accuracy

Discover the importance of on-site calibration and how can On-Site Calibration enhance precision and accuracy. GNW, a trusted calibration company, sheds light on its importance. Read now!

Improving precision and accuracy in measurement is essential when dealing with data that influences consumer safety, product quality, cost-effectiveness of processes, and the overall performance of an organisation. It’s therefore vitally important to ensure that your measurement processes are as accurate and precise as possible at all times.

So how can On-Site Calibration enhance precision and accuracy? Calibration is the process of comparing a known standard to the measurement of an instrument, device or system. When done correctly, it ensures that the instrument produces the same results as that of the standard. On-site calibration is a convenient, time-saving process for enhancing measurement accuracy of devices with the least amount of downtime.

Without properly calibrated instruments, the data collected can be inaccurate and unreliable. This could lead to errors in production, soaring costs, low customer satisfaction and failed safety tests. In this blog we’ll discuss the process and benefits of on-site calibrations, as well as how frequently they should be performed, and why you should entrust yours to the professionals.

What is the definition and process of on-site calibration?

On-site calibration is a service that involves a trained technician travelling to your workplace for the purpose of calibrating your instruments, devices or systems. The technician brings the necessary equipment, such as a calibration standard and other instruments, to perform the calibration process.

They will inspect and test the instrument, device or system to ensure it is in good working order and compare it with a calibration standard to confirm its accuracy. If any adjustments are necessary, the technician can then make them there and then, with the least amount of downtime or disruption to your everyday operations.

What are the main on-site calibration benefits?

On-site calibration offers numerous benefits for organisations, including the following:

  • Fast, accurate and reliable calibration testing
  • Reliable measurements within specified tolerances
  • Minimal downtime or disruption to operations
  • Less likelihood of damage that can occur in transit
  • Cost savings related to equipment hire and shipping
  • Ideal for critical, sensitive or large-scale equipment

Why is on-site calibration important for meeting industry standards, regulations, and quality assurance requirements?

On-site calibration is essential for meeting industry standards, regulations and quality assurance requirements. It ensures that the measuring devices, instruments or systems used by your organisation are accurate, precise and reliable. This reduces the risk of production errors and helps protect against costly malfunctions or safety hazards.

How often should I calibrate my measurement instruments on-site?

The frequency of your on-site calibrations will depend on the instrument’s individual specifications and the industry in which it is used. For industries that require high levels of accuracy, such as medical or nuclear, on-site calibration should preferably be carried out monthly or quarterly. For general manufacturing and engineering industries, on-site calibration can typically take place at least once a year.

However, if measurements are not accurate and stable over a period of time, it is recommended to increase the frequency of your on-site calibrations. Such a scenario could be caused by extreme temperature and humidity levels, frequent use of the instrument in demanding environments, or age-related wear and tear.

Can I perform on-site calibrations myself, or should I hire a professional calibration service?

Purchasing, installing and running your own testing equipment can be prohibitively expensive for all but the largest manufacturers. Therefore, enlisting the services of a third-party calibration expert, such as GNW Instrumentation, is often the most cost-effective and efficient route to reliable measurements. The costs of delaying or failing to calibrate your instruments correctly can be much higher than those of a professional calibration service.

What are the potential consequences of neglecting or delaying on-site calibration?

If an on-site calibration is neglected or delayed, it can lead to inaccurate data readings and measurement errors. This can often result in incorrect decisions being made based on these readings, which can have serious consequences ranging from financial losses to serious harm to people. In addition, a lack of on-site calibration may also void any warranties on the instruments. So it’s a good idea to keep on top of your calibration schedule.

How does the accuracy of on-site calibrations compare to off-site calibrations?

There is very little difference in the accuracy of on off-site calibration compared to an on-site calibration, other than
ensuring that any real-time environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity levels, can be taken into account. However, these types of factors can easily be replicated in a controlled laboratory environment. The biggest difference is the turnaround time, with on-site calibrations delivered the same day versus several days.

Are there specific industries that require more frequent on-site calibration?

Yes. Industries that require high levels of accuracy such as medical, nuclear, defence and aerospace must ensure their measurement instruments are regularly calibrated on-site. This helps to maintain the highest levels of safety, accuracy and precision. For such industries, on-site calibration should take place monthly or quarterly.

What are the typical costs associated with on-site calibration services?

The cost of on-site calibration services will depend on the complexity of the instrument and the industry in which it is used. On-site calibration is, by its nature, a bespoke service. Therefore, we recommend speaking to one of our highly-experienced GNW advisers to discuss your requirements in greater detail. Once we have established your requirements, we can then provide you with a free, no-obligation quote based on your specific needs.

How can GNW On-Site Calibration enhance precision and accuracy

On-site calibration is an important process that helps to maintain the precision and accuracy of measurement instruments. Depending on the instrument’s specifications and industry requirements, it should be carried out at least once a year or more frequently if necessary. Hiring a professional calibration service is highly recommended for instruments used across many high-precision industries, and this is where GNW Instrumentation comes in.

GNW has been providing exemplary on-site calibration services to industrial clients nationwide for more than 35 years. Our extensive experience, combined with the industry’s most talented and diligent technicians, ensures that every on-site calibration we perform is delivered to the highest standards. As an ISO 9001 accredited company, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, cost-effective, and fully traceable on-site calibrations that you can depend on.

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