Is On-site Calibration Right For Me?

If your line of business involves weighing, measuring or processing products to consistently high standards of quality, you’ll be familiar with the process of calibrating your critical equipment. But have you ever considered an on-site calibration? With same-day results and minimal disruption to your processes, our on-site calibration services can save you time and money.

Why is Calibration Of Equipment Important?

Regular calibration of your critical equipment is important wherever quality and accuracy are a priority. You want your instrumentation to perform consistently over its lifetime, which is where scheduled calibrations can prove extremely useful. Enlisting the services of a calibration expert like GNW Instrumentation can give you peace of mind that your equipment is delivering valid and accurate results within the manufacturer’s specified tolerances.

Who Is Responsible For Calibration?

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure your instrumentation is regularly calibrated. However, GNW Instrumentation’s skilled and experienced technicians are only too happy to help you develop an efficient inspection and calibration programme. We can devise a calibration schedule that suits your specific operational requirements, performing swift but thorough calibrations as often as you need them.

Is Calibration A Legal Requirement?

In most cases, instrumentation calibrations are not a legal requirement. However, if your company has chosen to adhere to specific quality standards, such as ISO 9001, you will be required to undertake a thorough calibrated equipment procedure to operate within those standards. If your line of business is governed by the Weights and Measures Act 1985 – for instance if you use a weighbridge for commercial purposes – you are legally obliged to ensure your weighing and measuring equipment is calibrated.

What Is On-site Calibration?

Most calibrations are carried out in a certified laboratory. However, sometimes this approach isn’t suitable. In which case, an on-site calibration is the ideal solution. An on-site instrument calibration involves a mobile technician visiting your premises to perform a calibration in-situ. The upshot is fast, accurate and reliable calibration testing to suit your schedule, with major savings on shipping, downtime and potential breakages.

What Is The Process Of An On-site Calibration?

By their nature, on-site calibrations are quick and convenient. We work with you to arrange a convenient time and date for a GNW technician to visit your premises. Equipped with the latest testing equipment, our technicians can carry out your on-site calibrations with minimal disruption or interruption to your operations. We carry out fully traceable, standardised on-site calibrations that deliver same-day results and total peace of mind.

What Instruments Can Be Calibrated On-site?

GNW can calibrate the following types of instruments on-site at your premises:

-On-site gauge calibration
-On-site flow meter calibration
-On-site instrument calibration
-On-site pressure gauge calibration
-On-site pipette calibration services

What Is The Requirement For On-site Calibration?

Generally, if you have large, fixed, sensitive or essential items that can’t be sent away for testing or instruments that need to be calibrated as part of an overall system, then chances are you will require an on-site calibration. In which case, one of our knowledgeable GNW technicians will visit your premises to calibrate your instruments for faster, more cost-effective calibrations that won’t interrupt your operational efficiency.

On-site Calibration Services Near Me

If you think an on-site calibration would benefit your company and operations, don’t hesitate to contact us. GNW’s highly-skilled team of technicians can provide an efficient and effective on-site calibration of all your critical instrumentation. We can help to maintain your quality standards and keep you compliant. With more than 40 years of experience in the field of calibration, you can be sure your instrumentation is in very safe hands.

GNW provides high-quality calibration services to a range of industries worldwide. We offer a range of quality services that ensure accurate results. Our on and off-site calibration and certification is designed to help you achieve complete accuracy from your instrumentation, and our other services, such as repairs and manufacture of custom instrumentation, are equally as important to us and our customers.

For more information about our on-site calibration services, or to speak to one of our technical experts, please contact us on +44 (01704) 536 010 or or send a message through our contact us form.