On-site Calibration: Why Does My Company Need It?

Our place or yours? Those are the options when it comes to calibrating your instrumentation. Whether you’re a large company with a vast array of instruments or a smaller business with a handful of critical equipment, on-site calibration offers fast, efficient instrument calibrations. Your operations can carry on unhindered and you may find that staying on-site is actually more cost-effective. Here, GNW explains everything you need to know about on-site calibration.


What is on-site calibration?

With an on-site calibration, our experienced GNW technicians will visit your premises to calibrate your instruments. When you don’t have to ship equipment to an off-site laboratory, you benefit from faster, more cost-effective calibrations that won’t interrupt your overall productivity. You’re in complete control of when and how your calibration takes place, making the whole process incredibly convenient and stress-free.


Equally beneficial for larger companies with vast numbers of instruments as for smaller businesses with a handful of critical equipment, an on-site calibration can boost your operational efficiency and your bottom line. Some equipment simply can’t be sent away for testing, such as large, fixed and sensitive items. In other cases, instruments need to be calibrated as part of an overall system (pressure transmitters, for example).


Either way, when the instrumentation can’t come to us, GNW comes to you!


If you’re weighing up an on-site calibration vs off-site calibration, perhaps the biggest differentiator is: time. Both types of calibration services promise a rapid turnaround. However, with the process of on-site calibration, you’re talking same-day results, as opposed to several days with off-site laboratory testing (which is still quick, we must add!). Staying on-site also means you won’t incur any carriage costs or potential damage to items in transit.   


What are the benefits of on-site calibration?

Choosing an on-site calibration provides you with a wide range of benefits. Chief among those are the time and cost savings that come with having a technician working at your premises. For all but the largest companies, carrying out your own testing simply isn’t a viable option. Certainly not if your calibrations are a regular but infrequent undertaking. On-site calibrations offer an efficient and effective solution that you can rely on. 


Some of the major benefits of on-site calibration include:


  • Rapid and reliable testing
  • Minimal equipment downtime
  • Boosts operational efficiency
  • Convenient and controllable
  • No hire, damage or shipping costs 
  • Standardised and traceable testing


What types of calibration can be done on-site?

GNW has been providing leading on-site calibration services for more than 35 years. As you can imagine, we’ve undertaken many different types of on-site calibrations during that time. In fact, we provide professional on-site calibration for a broad range of electronic and mechanical instrumentation. The following types of on-site calibration services are just some of the solutions we can offer you and your business:


  • On-site gauge calibration
  • On-site flow meter calibration
  • On-site instrument calibration 
  • On-site pressure gauge calibration 
  • On-site scale calibration services 


How much does on-site calibration cost?

On-site calibration is a bespoke service, which means it really is advisable to speak with one of our highly-experienced GNW advisers to discuss your requirements in detail. Once we’ve fully understood your requirements, we can then give a free, no-obligation quote for your on-site calibration project. However, if you’re worried that ‘bespoke’ sounds expensive, we think you’ll be surprised at just how affordable our service can be. Especially when you factor in the various time and cost savings that are eliminated by going down the on-site route.  


What is the on-site calibration procedure?

Setting up your on-site calibration with GNW is a quick, easy and hassle-free process. Your first port of call is to speak with one of the advisers about your requirements. Once you’ve received our carefully tailored advice and quotation, we can then arrange a convenient time and date for a GNW technician to visit your premises. At your convenience, they will undertake your all on-site calibration needs with the least amount of disruption.


Our technicians are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art testing equipment, which enables them to carry out your on-site calibrations swiftly, safely and efficiently. With no downtime or interruptions to your everyday operations, you can go about your business while our technicians go about theirs; carrying out controlled and standardised on-site calibrations that give you the same-day results and peace of mind you desire.    


On-site Calibration Company

On-site calibration is a convenient, reliable and effective means of ensuring your critical instrumentation performs optimally. When you call in the experts at GNW you can be assured of a highly professional and efficient service that ultimately saves you time and money, with no need to halt production or send your instruments to a lab.


GNW provides high-quality calibration services and supplies all types of instrumentation and measuring equipment to a range of industries worldwide. For over 40 years, we have built an excellent reputation for quality production and repair of pressure gauges, calibration equipment, weighing equipment, temperature sensors, and more. 


At GNW, we offer a range of quality services that ensure accurate results. Our on and off-site calibration and certification is designed to help you achieve complete accuracy from your instrumentation, and our other services, such as repairs and manufacture of custom instrumentation, are equally as important to us and our customers. 

For more information about our on-site calibration services, or to speak to one of our technical experts, please contact us on +44 (01704) 536 010 or info@gnw.co.uk.