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Mechanical Chart Recorders

GNW manufacture repair, supply and calibrate an extensive range products for recording and indicating process variables.

Manufactured on site at our Southport factory our range of recorders are constantly updated to keep pace with market requirements. We offer a range of recorders of enhanced performance and functionality that guarantee a long and trouble free service life exactly to your desired specifications.

Specifically designed to withstand harsh industrial environments and to meet tough international safety standards our recorders give an accurate indication of temperature, pressure and humidity or a combination of the above.

Housed in rugged, oil tight, dust free, attractively finished cases, our range of versatile units can display the duration of temperature, pressure or humidity extremes.

The range and scale of our recorders can be configured to meet almost any requirements contact us with your specifications.  We can also supply all types of circular and roll charts.

USB Dataloggers

GNW can provide a wide range of different data loggers to suit your needs. We offer everything from basic USB, temperature data loggers to advanced, multi-channel, multi parameter loggers. Electronic data-loggers have replaced chart recorders in many applications. Please contact us with your requirements and we will gladly offer you the best instrument for your application. We are able to design and install a system that suits your requirement and budget. A data logging system does not need to be prohibitively expensive as many of our data logging systems can utilise pre-installed equipment and even your existing PC or laptop. We can record any process or electrical variable you wish.

One of the primary benefits of using data loggers is the ability to automatically collect data for long periods of time without the need for any operator intervention such as having to change a paper chart or pen. Upon activation, data loggers are typically deployed and left unattended to measure and record information for the duration of the monitoring period. They are particularly suitable for monitoring environmental conditions during shipping, transport or storage of temperature sensitive items.

Paperless Recorders

Paperless recorders are the replacement for traditional paper chart recorders. They offer a real-time display of data on LCD display and data storage on flash memory.

GNW supply a range of advanced paperless recorder systems. Offering performance and software capability to meet the most sophisticated operational requirements.

Available with various universal analogue inputs for direct current and voltage signals, thermocouples and resistance thermometers.

Sensor type and measurement range are freely configurable. Numerous relays can be provided to output alarm information. Recorders can also be specified to work on already established LAN’s within your premises.  Our recorders also offer remote monitoring via the internet so you can view process and recorded data from anywhere in the world.

You can choose from a standalone recorder, or integrate recording into a PLC or other all-in-one control product. We are able to design a system to suit your application.

We offer calibration and repair services of recording and logging product from all manufacturers. Our technical staff will quickly find the reason for the fault or failure of the chart recorder and advise you of your repair options. We have a comprehensive spare parts store, enabling us to repair before offering a sometimes costly replacement. We repair all chart recorders to component level and do not outsource our work to other electronic repair or instrumentation repair firms. We are also able to recalibrate and recertify recorders from any manufacturer.


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