Hygienic & Diaphragm

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GNW can manufacture and fit a diaphragm to suit any application. Whether you require a one-off size or material, we will be able to provide a suitable instrument.

Diaphragm Seals
Diaphragm chemical seals are designed to isolate the gauge from the process medium that may be corrosive, viscous, high temperature or containing solids. All of which may all damage the internals of a gauge. We can manufacture our diaphragm flush seals in numerous materials such as stainless steel, PTFE or PVDF. They are used in various manufacturing industries such as petrochemical.

Moreover, we can also supply seals without an instrument to allow you to fit them to your existing instrumentation. Nonetheless, here at GNW we can also provide a diaphragm fitting and instrument re-calibration service if you do not have the necessary equipment to fit your own seals. The instrument can be fitted directly to the seal or remotely via a capillary.

Hygienic Seals
Our flush hygienic seals are crevice-free and designed specifically to ensure a medium doesn’t get trapped creating a bacterial build-up. They are suitable for use in food production and pharmaceutical applications.

Not only do we manufacture them but we can also fit our gauges with any RJT, IDF, SMS, DIN or flange connection. We can also supply complete hygienic fittings with our gauges that can be screwed or welded to your pipework or vessel. We can fit a hygienic seals to any of our gauges or transmitters. If you are unsure what style or material seal you require please contact us and our technical team will be able to advise.