Electronic Weighing Instrumentation

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Load Cell Digitizers

Load Cell Digitizers transforms an analogue load cell (output mV/V) into digital and can also be used on existing load cells or strain gauge sensors. Designed for an assembly/wiring integral with the load cell body, it can be connected by fieldbus to PLCs of the most important international brands.

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Weighing Indicators

Our range of weighing indicators cover all types of applications. Simple weight displays up to complex networked weighing controller are included. Many of our displays are also available with ATEX rating.

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Weight Transmitters

Weight transmitters take a standard load cell signal and convert it to a number of standard industrial signals for collection by other machinery and instrumentation.

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Batching Systems

Our batching systems are able to control the amount of ingredients into a vessel by weight. They can be connected to multiple valves and can also be specified with memory to save recipes.

Signal Converters

Our converters allow you to change an output signal from one of our instruments to a suitable signal for your network.

Remote Displays

Our remote displays allow for easy viewing of measured weight in a convenient location. our range covers both small panel mounted and large wall mounting displays.

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