Pump-To-Read Tank Contents Gauges

Pump-to-read tank contents gauges provide an easy and economical way to measure tank contents.  A bulb attached to the case of the instrument is compressed by hand which provides the system pressure to enable tank contents measurement.

Our pump-to-read gauges benefit from the same high quality sensing capsule as our constant reading gauges, ensuring that you receive an accurate reading.

We can offer two types of internal sensor for this type of gauge – a traditional stand pipe or a stainless steel, drop in sensor, fitted with PVC capillary, that is manufactured to fit through whatever diameter access hole you have into the top of your tank.  Our choice of sensor materials ensure that they can withstand most solvents and chemicals.  Our internal sensors are all supplied with a blanking cap to stop water ingress into your tank once the sensor is fitted.

Pump-to-read gauges can be supplied in either 100 or 150 mm diameter cases (4 or 6 inches). All gauges are supplied with a back flange to allow mounting onto a bund wall, panel or directly onto the tank side. We can manufacture our tank gauges to be flush panel mounted if required.

Our unique pressurisation bulb design has numerous benefits:
Harder wearing and more durable than traditional linear movement pumps.
Cheaper to replace in the event of failure than traditional pumps.
Pumps can be easily removed to prevent unauthorised use of the instrument.
Pump removal also prevents theft.

GNW’s pumps can also be retrofitted to existing Normond tank gauges at a much lower price than the OEM replacement.

The design of the gauge enables contents data to be displayed at a considerable distance via flexible capillary or the gauge can be directly mounted to a tank outlet.

Fully waterproofed and constructed using 316 stainless steel components, Gauges North West’s range of tank contents gauges give many years of maintenance free service.

Our tank gauges can also be supplied with an external sensor if required.