How Often Do You Need To Calibrate Scales?

Do you know how often you need to calibrate your scales to ensure they are working accurately? Here, GNW Instrumentation explains why you need to calibrate scales and how often you should do it.

If you rely on scales to deliver weight measurements for your business, you’ll need to calibrate your scales regularly to maintain their accuracy. How regularly depends on how much you use them, the environment in which they’re used, and the accuracy you need. Here, GNW Instrumentation explains why you need to calibrate scales and how often you should do it.


Why are my weighing scales wrong?

All scales lose accuracy given enough time, usage, and environmental interferences (such as frequent exposure to oils, moisture or mechanical shock). If exact weight measurements are vital to your line of business, it is essential to calibrate scales regularly to maintain the highest levels of efficiency, productivity and product quality. You should even calibrate scales that are fresh from the factory to guarantee their accuracy from the get-go.


What Is Scale Calibration?

A scale calibration involves testing your scales to ensure they deliver the levels of accuracy you need. 

A typical calibration of scales involves the following steps:

  • A known standard or certified mass (we use either M1 or F1 scale calibration weights ) is placed on the scale. 
  • The corresponding weight reading is recorded and analysed to determine whether any action is required. 
  • If the readings match the standards applied or calibration tolerance, no adjustments are necessary. 
  • If they don’t match or fall within the tolerance, a service is needed to restore the accuracy of your scales.
  • Our technicians will quote before any work takes place and can service scales from all manufacturers.


How To Check If Your Scales Are Accurate

If high precision is less of an issue, then you can check the accuracy of your scales quickly and easily using a known weight, such as a dumbbell. Place the scale on a flat, level surface and set it to zero. Then place the object weight onto the scales. If the reading doesn’t tally with the known weight, adjust the scale accordingly. You should repeat the test several times to check if your scales return a consistent reading, which determines its precision.

Of course, wherever high levels of accuracy and precision are required, it can pay dividends to calibrate scales with the careful assistance of professional calibration experts. Our team of skilled technicians here at GNW Instrumentation can calibrate all types of scales, from high accuracy laboratory scales to 10,000 kg hanging crane scales. Our scale calibration service can be performed either at our facilities or on-site at your premises.


How Often Do Scales Need Calibrating?

How often you calibrate scales depends on the amount of use they get and the accuracy levels you require. For instance, a medical scale calibration and service should be carried out every six months for the best results. However, the frequency of your particular weighing scale calibration may be more or less, depending on your individual requirements. The safest option is to consult and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.  


What Happens If The Scale Calibration Fails?

If your scales were to fail a calibration, meaning their accuracy falls well beyond the acceptable tolerance, then GNW Instrumentation can repair your scales for you. We provide a rapid and cost-effective return-to-base repair and refurbish service for all makes and types of scales, including bench scales, EPOS scales, load cells, jewellery scales, veterinary scales, and commercial fish scales (to name but a few).


Scale Calibration Experts

It is necessary to calibrate scales as regularly as required to ensure their accuracy and longevity. Maintaining highly accurate weight readings is crucial for everything from ensuring medicines are formulated safely for human consumption through to conforming to the legal requirements for selling weighed products. Whatever your focus, GNW Instrumentation’s scale and balance calibration services ensure you always strike the right balance.

GNW provides high-quality calibration services and supplies all types of instrumentation and measuring equipment to a range of industries worldwide. For over 40 years, we have built an excellent reputation for quality production and repair of weighing equipment, pressure gauges, calibration equipment, temperature sensors, and more. 

At GNW, we offer a range of quality services that ensure accurate results. Our on and off-site calibration and certification is designed to help you achieve complete accuracy from your scales and balances, and our other services, such as repairs and manufacture of custom instrumentation, are equally as important to us and our customers. 


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