Pressure & Vacuum Gauge Calibration

We have over 40 years’ experience in calibrating pressure and vacuum gauges. Our technical team is able to calibrate and certify gauges from any manufacturer using our accurate, traceable test equipment. We have a range of calibration equipment to not only suit your gauges, but also your application. We can perform hydraulic, pneumatic and oil free calibration procedures when needed.

Regular calibration gives you the confidence that your instrument is reading correctly which can avoid costly production mistakes and delays as well as ensure safety of your site. 

Our traceable test certificates show both rising and falling pressure readings as well as any errors found during the calibration check. Our team is also able to perform minor adjustments where possible to bring your instrument back into specification.

We are able to calibrate both standard pressure and absolute pressure gauges.

Using our master calibration equipment, we are able to calibrate and certify all types of vacuum gauges from 0 to -1 bar (-30 inHg) and again we can perform minor adjustments where required.

Digital pressure gauges and manometers are also within our scope. We can calibrate all types from simple handheld digital manometers, to complex digital pressure gauges. When required, we can check electrical input and switch testing functions as well. We are able to offer this same service (both pressure and electrical calibration) of Druck or other manufacturers digital pressure calibrators.